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NutraU Health combines molecular science, medicine, clinical nutrition, information technology and international knowledge of the consumer and regulatory environment to conduct clinical trials, write scientific manuscripts, and translate scientific content to create personalized solutions, algorithms, diagnostics, nutraceuticals, functional and novel foods. We are passionate about combining innovations across competencies to create new product and service offerings that make a difference in the health of humanity globally.

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Deep expertise in molecular science, clinical nutrition, research, personalized nutrition, metabolomics, genomics, proteomics and gene expression, microbiome and probiotics, women’s health, metabolic health, dermato-cosmetology, gut-brain-skin axis.

Experienced in creating digital tools for self-health quantification and the analysis of intake and reporting personalized recommendations and algorithms that integrate -omics technologies with subjective and objective assessments for personalized health monitoring, diet and supplement recommendations.

Regulatory experience includes a health claim application to the European Food and Safety Authority, designing health and nutrition claims and substantiation documents for front and back of pack labeling of foods and conducting clinical trials in compliance with the ICH GCPs.

We love to dig deep into clinical science, creative thinking, marketplace and consumer research, new opportunities and unique nutrition and wellness product offerings.

Colleen fogarty draper PhD, rd

Colleen Fogarty Draper MS, RD, PhD created Nutra-U Health and co-founded Phenomx health with over 25 years of experience in scientific research, molecular genetics and personalized nutrition program and product development; along with clinical nutrition medicine practice and business development. During this time, she has developed a strong network of collaborators.

Colleen spent 9 years in various capacities at Nestle in molecular nutrition and systems biology research and translation sciences while simultaneously completing her PhD. Her doctoral work focused on metabolomic response signatures in nutrition and health, sexual dimorphism and hormone chronobiology. She conducted further translation work in microbiome resilience, probiotic, prebiotic therapies and the connection with neurotransmitter functioning; dermatological sciences, hormones and nutrition, fertility and personalized nutrition; sub-clinical mastitis and inflammatory diet intake; and led digital health technology development for diet intake, analysis and recommendation personalization. She also pursued 1 year of dermatological science training to understand skin biology as a nutrient response system.

Colleen has extensive product development experience in gene and science wellness tests, probiotic and nutrition supplements, digital health products, luxury women's inside out skin and nutrition brands; and has led various program development strategies, such as gut health, and weight management.

She earned her PhD in life sciences with the Center for Analytical Biosciences, Leiden Academic Center for Drug Research, Leiden University, The Netherlands; Master's of Science degree from Tufts University; and internship and registration as a clinical dietitian from the Frances Stern Nutrition Center, New England Medical Center Hospital, Tufts University.

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